Exploring the Local Farmers’ Market – Salem

In honor of New Hampshire Eat Local Month I’m dedicating this weeks’ blogs to New Hampshire’s Farmers’ Markets. Also last week was NH Farmers’ Market Week, since I missed it; I’m going to dedicate my blogs to this also.

So I’ve start my farmers’ market journey at Salem Farmers’ Market, which is held every Sunday from June through October from noon to 4 p.m. at Lake Street Garden Center, located at 37 Lake Street, Salem, NH.


This was a charming little farmers’ market hosted by a beautiful Garden Shop. As soon as you pull up to the driveway the elegant landscaping of the grounds around stun! Exotic plants lavishly decorate a tranquil water features and fascinating flowers lined the opposite side. Some plants so large and unique almost look like they may have been borrowed from Dr. Suess’ The Lorax. The parking lot is set to the right, at the end of the driveway and the farmers’ market circles the end of the parking lot. One of the main highlights I encountered upon entering the farmers’ market was the friendliness of everyone. I was greet by a woman, who by all accounts is the neighborhood welcoming committee, thrusting an ecofriendly shopping bag upon me as I checked out the meat options at one booth.

Many of the vendors worked together to sell their products. At one booth’s they were selling hamburger from one farm, and dressing it with cheese and barbecue sauce from 2 other vendor. The honey used to make some of the barbecue sauce was provided by another vendor. A restaurant that specializes in Italian cuisine gave out a dish of pasta and sauce, so the bread company in the next booth gave a piece of bread to compliment it. They form a friendly community that works together to enhance all of their products.

The market offered naturally raised meats, from Hurd Farm of Hampton. The Hurd Family raises all grass feed beef. They have owned and run the farm since 1923. Today they were selling beef and pork. So I purchased some hamburgers to try later in the week.


To go with my burger I purchased a bottle of King’s Spicy Barbecue Sauce. The woman running the booth offer me a tasting before I purchased the sauce and I must say I was pleasantly surprised how wonderful the sauce was. It had a rich smoky flavor, sweet with just enough burn in the back of your mouth. Can’t wait to dress up my burger with this sauce! The woman running the booth told me she used the honey from Karley’s Just Bee-Cause, who had the booth right beside her. Karley is a young lady with entrepreneurial spirit caring for her bees with the help of her dad. She produces raw honey and bees wax products. Pretty awesome young lady!



The Slippery Soap Company makes all natural body products. They had a nice selection of soaps, salves and creams but what peaked my interest was the all-natural bug that I tried out at dust. I didn’t notice any mosquitoes bother me after. Gonna try it again tomorrow night and if I don’t get bit again this may become one of my favorite NH Made products. Next to of course Fulchino’s which I’ll write about in detail in another blog!


Entertainment was also provided at the Market. Poor Howard Stith played his 12-string guitar blues. The music was light and relaxing. It was perfect for taking it easy at the market or night out to unwind with friends. I had a chance to talk to “Poor Howard” and he was classy artist with a great smile and guitar finger to woo ones soul.


So this was a little touch of my first outing at a farmers’ market. I can’t wait till tomorrow to check out the next one! If you’re interested in checking out some NH Farmers’ Market’s yourself check out the link below.


If you’re from MA and interested in farmers’ markets and living local check out this blog. It’s an awesome blog by a friend!