Hello and thank you for visiting!  My name is Jessica.  I’m from the beautiful state of New Hampshire. It’s a small state stuffed in the corner of the northeast between Maine and Vermont. Just above Massachusetts (often referred to as Boston).  I’m here to tell you all about what makes New Hampshire amazing and imperfect.

I first moved to New Hampshire in 2005 as a Massachusetts refugee.  I wanted to escape the structure of the Nanny State I grew up in and experience living free. New Hampshire, whose motto is “Live free or die” (immortal words of General John Stark), does overall have a much freer way of living but there is so much more to this state then just that. There are the people, who are crafty, creative and made from some tough stuff, there is the land; from the mountains, to the lakes, to the ocean, New Hampshire’s is beautiful, and fierce and there is the history.  I plan to bring it all to you and more! ❤

The people are of a hard and more beautiful type of resilience. They are crafty and clever. This state offers a long history of amazing characters so you may find some fun history write ups or stories of current local heroes! Most neighborhoods still have those friendly neighborhood gatherings.  Whether out for a morning hike, a stroll around the neighborhood or a trip to the grocery store; you are often met with a smile, a good morning, and how’s the family.  People are creative and ever creating here; whether through crafting, growing, making or selling.  I hope to bring that all to you and show you the love they put into their work.

New Hampshire is beautiful.  Once you drift out of the adventure of the city you will find hiking in the mountains or swimming in the lakes or oceans a wonderful family pass time. New Hampshire has well over 100 mountains.  Many with amazing views.  I hope to bring you some of my favorites so you can see whether you’re ready for an adventure to the top of Mount Washington, with some of the most extreme weather in the world, or just for a short hike out with the family to Mount Major or Arethusa Falls. While you’re visiting Mount Major it would also be a nice time for a boat ride in the lakes region.  Winnipesaukee is the largest lake in NH and offers a variety of recreational sports and cruises during summer and winter months. If you’d really like to enjoy the beach though heading over to the ocean to Rye or Hampton with the family is another fun option.  This is just a small taste of what New Hampshire has to offer. I hope this has you excited to read on.

As you read on, you will find that I will incorporate family fun adventures as well as adult excursions.  As a new mom I think it’ll be important to incorporate both because as parents we love our children and want them to experience the beauty of this world but I also recognize that parents also need adult time. 🙂 I hope my blog will mostly focus on local people, places and business but on occasion it may extend out. Please reach out to me with any questions comments or if there is something you’d like me to check out or write about. Enjoy!



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