A Visit to the Merrimack Farmers’ Market

Where can the freshest food be found? Well, at the local farmers’ market and New Hampshire has many farmers’ markets to visit.  Wednesday my little guy and I head out to the Merrimack Farmers’ Market to pick up some dinner and we found some a few fun surprises, too.

Merrimack’s Farmers’ Market is located at 526 Daniel Webster Hwy in front of the Vault Storage building. It’s open Wednesdays from 3pm to 6pm. It doesn’t offer the shade that Bedford does but all of the vendors had nice tents to get you out of the beat summer sun.

As I mentioned in my blog about the Bedford Farmers’ Market, I like to tell you about the fishmonger in this post.  So I’m going to start there. New England Fishmonger’s sells locally caught fresh fish to both the Bedford and Merrimack Farmers’ Markets. Their motto, which I love, is “Don’t buy fish from strangers.”  It’s so perfect for these guys because the second you walk over to their booth you feel like family. My little guy and I decided it was a good night for haddock and when we walked over to purchase, what was the best tasting fish I have ever had (I’ll share the recipe below.), we were greeted by the friendliest gentleman. He told us all about his son who is one of the captains that goes out to catch the fish. He also talked about his triathlon training with his grandson.  What a fun granddad!   We purchased a pound of haddock.  It was so fresh and delicious.  It made a wonderful dinner. For more about New England Fishmongers you can check them out at New England Foshmongers or on Facebook at New England Fishmongers Facebook page.

While at the Merrimack Farmers’ Market I also picked up so fresh collard greens.  Collard greens are always supper tasty with some garlic and bacon. I purchased them from Ledge Top Farm.  Who told me about some potatoes he’ll have for little guy to try later on.  Can’t wait to head back to try them.

Two other fun finds we had at the Merrimack Farmers’ Market were 27 Teas and Sweet Lava hot sauce by Effin Sauce Company.

Tea is my morning drink.  It is my peaceful zen spot.  I sit here sipping it now.  So when I head to my local farmers’ market and find a woman who is starting her own business as a tea mixologist, I’ve gotta check things out. I’m not going to go to much into 27 Teas as I’d actually like to have a whole blog about this company and the wonderful teas and work that is done but needless to say I got tea.  I purchased the Caribbean Green and it was wonderful.  Light, smooth and refreshing.  Definitely had a cool coconut taste.  It was great as hot tea or a slightly sweetened iced tea. As an ice tea, it makes a wonderful hot summer day beverage.  I’m definitely going back to check out some more of the products and learn a little more about the company. So tea drinkers keep your eyes out for more about 27 Teas. For more about 27 Teas check out the website at: 27 Teas and finder it on Facebook at 27 Teas Facebook


As I mentioned above I found one other amazing find I want to share with you and that’s Sweet Lava produced by Effin Sauces Company.  Hot sauce lovers,  you’ve gotta check this stuff out.  It’s delicious!  I love a good hot sauce and this stuff doesn’t disappoint.  Starts off sweet and then BAM! the heat kicks in.  I’ve put this on my morning eggs, on some corn chips, and mixed it in cream creams and served with crackers.  I’ll be looking for some other tasty recipes to try with this sauce but its got a nice kick.  Find out more about Effin Sauces Company on their Facebook page at Effin Sauces Facebook Page.


So if your out this Wednesday check out the Merrimack Farmers Market. It’s a great time, with great people and tasty eats!  Bon Appetit!

The recipe I used for the haddock was Italian Haddock.