Going Local NH is Back!

cropped-going-local-nh-logo-1.pngIt’s time to give Going Local NH some new steam. It’s back and live again.  Starting today I shall be bringing you a new blog post every other week on what is happening in New Hampshire. The opening post will be a fun fact about New Hampshire post.  After that I’ll be working on a few series. Some of the series I will be bring to you are:

  1. Farm to Table – This is where I’ll be checking out local farmers’ markets and farms. New Hampshire has some amazing farms. It’s not just limited to produce either.  There are some really great pig farms, cattle and bison ranches, and chicken and turkey farms. There are sugar shacks that produce some delicious maple syrup. I know there are Canadian and Vermont Maple syrup snobs but give New Hampshire a try!  It’s really SWEET. 😉 You can even get fresh seafood! From these adventures I’ll pick out some goodies to take home.  With those goodies, I’ll try some recipes and post the tasty results. This won’t be limited to only fun adult meals but some baby purees too.
  2. Drink Around New Hampshire – This series I’ll take you on an inside tour of New Hampshire’s local breweries, wineries, meaderies and distilleries maybe even a few local soda shops and farms that produce juices. This is one of my favorite blogs to do because my husband and I head out with friends and everyone enjoys a great afternoon together over a local beverage. A lot of the local wineries and breweries are family friendly, having pub food and games for the kids. Most of the wineries offer place for the kids to run around outside where the family can enjoy a nice picnic. Cheers!
  3. Family Friendly Short Hikes – I am one for the big hikes with the big views and I will definitely blog about those but I want to start with the hikes that are closer to my heart right now.  I’ve just had a little one and he loves being outside and exploring new things but between feedings, diapers and naps we aren’t ready for big hikes so I’m going to bring you those hikes in New Hampshire that are still adventure packed and have great views but aren’t overwhelming for those of you with littles. This is one feature I love about New Hampshire, you can hike for days, a day or an hour and still enjoy all the beauty New Hampshire has to offer.

These are just a few of the series I plan to write.  I’ll also have blogs about fun parks to venture out to, local heroes (historical and current) to check out and local crafts to enjoys. Please stick around there is more to come!!

If there is something you want me to check out don’t hesitate to point me in the right direction. I love sharing New Hampshire goodies with everyone!

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