Sex Lies & Anarchy

How about a local podcast?

Back story…This summer I attended a libertarian minded luau. How did I find myself here one might ask? Well here’s how… With the political upheaval I have noticed sense be coming of age to vote; I’ve found myself searching for some sort political view that makes sense. Everything seemed pretty on paper but let’s be honest when you find a candidate or a party that says all the right things you find yourself curious and check the real stance behind these people or parties and what do you find… A rude awakening.

 Enters Dr. Ron Paul. Love him or hate him, the man is who he says he is.  One can’t deny that. His ideas, for many are crazy even outlandish but to others like myself, they are a cure to a disease. I know this is a little extreme but think about how most people vote… “the lesser of two evils” or “voting down party lines” or “voting to over throw the current regime” or “we know they lie, they know we know they lie, and that’s just the way it is” for me these fallacies can’t continue. I’m sick of war, debt, the loss of freedom and liberty, and the endless lies. We live beyond our means and our industry suffers, yet the madness continues. Then I discovered Dr. Paul, with a brigade of other freedom/ liberty minded people who talk the talk and walk the walk so to speak. I’m not claiming any are perfect but when I listened to Dr. Paul speak, for the first time I thought some of this actually makes sense. And then the homework started. Podcasts, town hall meeting, research, and books; the search for knowledge, spearheaded by my husband but I was quick to follow behind. This led to meeting some amazing people at phone banks, rallies, town hall meetings, and online. Many of these people made libertarian their life style, believing in freedom and liberty. They were inspiring to talk too. They have come from all walks of life trying to spread the word with passion. They create groups like the Free State Project. They create art like, Jordon Page’s music, and Tatiana Moroz’s music. They create podcasts like Sex, Lies & Anarchy.

This segues into Sex, Lies & Anarchy. While at a liberty minded event, I happened to meet a rather interesting woman named Antigone. Antigone had a lot to offer when discussing her views. Upon seeing how interested I was in what she had to say, she suggested I check out her podcast; Sex, Lies & Anarchy. This isn’t a ‘cram our politics down your throat’ kind of show. It teaches and challenges the social side of becoming and being a libertarian/ anarchist.

 Some time had passed before I had actually had a chance to check out Sex, Lies & Anarchy but when I did the show didn’t disappoint. I, myself, have only had a chance to listen to the last fifteen or so shows but they have never failed to entertain and educate. There are four different hosts; usually three participate during each podcast. Antigone, Candy, Kellie, and Celestina each offer different view and perspectives on issues and items they discuss during the show. They offer different religious perspective, as well as different social viewpoints. Candy is openly a Christian while Antigone is openly an atheist. Their discussions have touched on everything from the women right to vote to porn. They discuss relationships and the friendship dynamics between men and women. Celestina offers valued historical information about the meanings behind traditions which makes one rethink the platform upon which our customs have evolved. Antigone shares a side of history which you will never find in your public school history book. Candy is more light and humorous. Her views are often entertaining and easy going. Kellie seems to direct the flow of the show and often keeps everyone on topic. Sadly she is leaving the show.  If you’re looking for something different; fun, funny and often eye opening, you’ve gotta check out this show.  At the least these women will get you thinking and that’s the first step isn’t it?

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