Sharing is Caring- Shire Sharing


With the first snow falling from the sky, it’s a reminder that Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here soon. Thanksgiving and Christmas are an important time to remember others, especially the less fortunate. Amanda Bouldin, a Free Stater, who moved from Texas to Manchester, organized Shire Sharing. Shire Sharing was started as a Basket Brigade. Bouldin was inspired by her father, who in Texas was involved in a Basket Brigade. A Basket Brigade is a basket with the Thanksgiving fixings provided to a family in need. Last year they were able to feed a hundred and seventy- four families. This year they wanted to increase that number.  These Basket Brigades were just this beginning.  They added a Christmas Backpack program. The Backpack Program provided homeless people with backpacks filled with toiletries, first-aid kits, hats and gloves, and more.

Bouldin got together with other liberty mind folks to deliver and spread the word about Shire Sharing. This program runs strictly on private donation and volunteerism. Proving the libertarian idea that the government doesn’t need to provide for people because people can and will provide for people. This is a great independent charity in which we can all contribute too. Please check out their website and donate with your heart in any way you can.